SR22 1/4 Shares Sacramento, CA

Fully LOADED SR22 1/4 shares. Aircraft delivered May 1. Interested parties e-mail me at

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Fully Loaded SR22 May 1 delivery.

I’m mystified at the notion of being that close to delivery of an SR22 without being a COPA member!
This would surely not be happening unless you aren’t aware of what you’re missing – an amazing cornucopia of all things Cirrus, tons of wisdom, suggestions, advice, camaraderie, fly-ins, good (and mediocre) humor, news of devastating meteorological events in SoCal that tugs at our hearts, an annual Migration, training courses, a Technical Liaison team, free software, relevant documents, about three opinions, an amazingly smart and fun bunch of people, oodles of stuff that most members would deem must-read material for any incipient owner… and I’m just scratching the surface.
So… if this is a choice you’re making, please email me at or call me at 732.213.7905 - I’d like to chat, if only to understand your decision. If it’s just something you haven’t yet done, we look forward to seeing you on the Members Discussion forum!

Mike Radomsky
Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association