SR20 For Sale

I have an SR20 with B configuration, HSI, Garmin 430 & 420, S-Tec Auto-pilot, Leather interior, & much more. The Aircraft is absolutely perfect! I paid a premium for the early position, and am going to attempt to take as small of a hit as possible, in order to make room for the SR22 to be delivered soon. I am asking $239,000. If you purchased a number today at $197,600, B package $17,500, Leather $3,300, 3-Blade $2,500, plus two and one half years of CPI increases and wait, this price is very reasonable. I will spend as much time as needed going over all aspects of the Airplane, with the buyer. I actually took my IFR check ride in this plane. The 10,000+ hour FAA examiner that gave me my checkride, said that there is no way that he would trade this Aircraft for a Bonanza.

If interested call 231-737-0123