I just acquired Jeff Ippoliti’s SR22 contract for delivery in April of 2001 so I may as well be the first to post on the marketplace. My aircraft can be picked up January 2 or I can ferry to Duluth for my 22 pickup and you can train and see the factory just like everyone else.

The aircraft is a 20 C model 2 blade with Arnav engine monitoring, feather beige leather interior, stormscope, millenium extra cost graphics, 142tt right now, factory installed Reiff preheat system, Davtron timer light, handheld radio coupler, prop balance and GPSS coupling to be installed September 4, extra POH and Parts catalog. Loaded and not a scratch. If you take delivery April 1 the warranty will have 12 months left.

Secure this aircraft now with a deposit and avoid the inevitable year end price increase. No CPI payments like with a factory contract $$. I will keep it in my hangar until April or you can have it January 2 and regretfully I’ll fly my friend"s Saratoga until April.

Price (firm) is $255,200 (Arnav Engine Monitor, leather, special graphics, C model, GPSS coupling, radio coupler, Reiff system, Davtron timer annunciator, stormscope. Deposit to hold for Jan 1, 2001 pickup (or later your choice) $8,000.00.

Based GFL, NY 518/793-5545

David was kind enough to give my wife and I a tour of this beautiful aircraft two weekends ago.

I’ve never seen an airplane so meticuloulsy clean! Not a spot or a bug on it. It looks like it just came off the showroom floor.

I can’t imagine a finer example of a full-up SR20.

Wish I could afford it!