SR20 Charter end of July 2023 NE USA

Hi, I’m looking for options to charter an SR 20 for a period of 7 - 10 days towards the end of July this year, anywhere from Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York or locations nearby. My plans would include around 20 - 25 hours flight time during that period, weather dependent.

I have around 600hours total time as PIC, previously was a co-owner of a G1 SR20 with around 300 hours as PIC on that aircraft, attended CPPP in Rotterdam during my time as co-owner. Would appreciate any pointers of organisations that offer such an aircraft for charter. Thanks.

Wisconsin Aviation has rentals available located at MSN Madison Wi. Capital Flight located at C29 Middleton as has rentals. Good luck

I have an SR22 on a Charter certificate, and am currently available in July. Located in Mid-Michigan. BrennAir

Steve … charter in the US typically refers to hiring a plane and pilot together to take you around. You don’t fly or have any responsibilities other than paying. Is that what you’re after? That can get pretty expensive paying for pilot daily rate and plane use etc.

Or, rather, are you looking to “rent” a SR20 for you to get checked out in and pilot yourself around?

Sorry it wasn’t clear from your post as to needs

Good Morning and thanks for the replies so far but to clarify, when I contacted one particular company in the US about “renting” an SR20, they wrote back sending me a quote for “chartering” an aircraft, piloting it myself after being checked out so I assumed that the term “chartering” was standard rather than renting.

So apologies for the confusion but yes, what I want to do is be checked out and fly myself for a week or so around, will fly around 20 hours during that period. My intentions are to fly to the Chicago, Buffalo, New York and Memphis regions, so appreciate proposals of available aircraft in this region. Thanks.

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You’re looking for a plane to rent then, not to charter.

Kevin is right- in American aviation English, charter specifically means hiring a plane with a crew to fly you from place to place. A charter operator is forbidden from allowing you to fly the plane, only the hired crew can operate it.

(That is to say- I don’t know what company you were emailing with, but the arrangement they described where you would fly the airplane is not a charter.)

Renting is the word used when you go to a flight school and hire just one of their planes so you can fly it around yourself.

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There are several operations at the DuPage airport in Chicago (KDPA) that have Cirrus aircraft for rent.

Specifically you could try the Illinois Aviation Academy (630) 513-2224, or Travel Express Aviation (630) 584-6462.

I suspect there are also Cirrus rentals available at Chicago Executive (KPWK).

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