SR 22 pirep

On a long XC from meigs to south jersey, i heard approach talking to Cirrus ***CD. I asked him to come up on 122.75 and we had a nice chat about the #s on the SR22…he said he was a VC investor in the company as well as owner of # 53 ( i think) and had flown the '22 yesterday. he reported 1900 fpm climb and performance as predicted…he loved the plane ! he estimates that over 1/2 the '20 position holders will want to switch and the plane should be announced at the time it is certified around the end of november. As i cruised over the allegheny mtns at 130 kts, i was calcluating how much sooner dinner would have been if i had the '22 …btw if anyone knows this gents name pls let me know