Just to lighten things up a bit… who has the highest ground speed in there 20 or 22? There must be someone out there that has experienced some big time tail winds.

So far the best I’ve gotten in level flight (70%) at 7,000 feet was 224 kts groundspeed. I’ve been up to 245 in descents made at the top of the green arc.
Now that the winter winds are starting to really blow I hope to do better. Of course I only fly eastbound!
Jerry Seckler SR22 N1970

Our return trip from Duluth in mid-Sept (a very empty sky) followed a front and our s.e. heading to Atlanta kept us in the 215 kt avg for a couple of hours with a peak of over 220 groundspeed…but, my lowly Skyhawk carries my personal best in it’s gps memory log…196 kts (and I’ve got a digital picture to prove it!)…an honest 75 kt tail wind in level flight (well except for the 1000 ft plus climbs and descents as that tailwind worked it’s way thru the mtns and hills of SC and NC. forcing us to ask for a block altitude with center) taking us from NC to Florida in just over 2 1/2 hrs…awesome fun compared to our regular 3:45…but, now the Cirrus makes the trip predictable in 2:20 at avg. cruise…what a great plane!

who has the highest ground speed in there 20 or 22?


Don’t know if it’s a record, but I did 225 kts GS one day in my SR20 going from Chicago to Cleveland. (A photo I took, verifying straight & level at 9,000 with a GS of 222 kts, is http://www.cirruspilots.org/public/pix/showpic.php?id=71>here.)).this pic shows a GS of 34 kts. At one point, my transponder switched automatically to standby mode… it figured I was taxying!

In both cases, I was doing 154 kt TAS; if I had flown in the right direction (to take full advantage of the tailwind), I might have seen a GS of 274 kts! But… that’s the one that got away.


So here it is so far:

Mike Radomsky in the 20: 225 Kts GS
Jerrold Seckler in the 22: 245 Kts GS

Anyone beat these?

Jerry: You can pedal (or is it flap?) faster than I. According to my Garmin 430, I have flown for a total of over 21,000 miles with an average ground speed of 157 +/- 1 kt., and my maximum ground speed is 232.

I assure you that was not in level flight and as far as know, I have never exceeded 210 kts GS.

Oh, this is also a SR22.

I recommend we ask Jeff N916LJ. I would put pink slips on his being in the top 3 for both categories.

Happy holidays all.


Fear not Marty. My average speed is certainly no better than yours. My high number occurred a few days ago heading 150 with the winds 320 at 55.
Wait for a fast moving cold front to pass then take off and position yourself tail to the wind. Very exhilarating. Just remember not to reverse course.

Marty how does the garmin give youtotal mile thet you have went. From Don

Hi Don: This is off the top of my head, but look under “AUX” then I think it is the third page and look for "Trip Statistics: If you’ve never changed it, It will show you total mileage flown, avg. ground speed and highest speed.

Totally useless info, but fun nonetheless.

I also recommend JA Air center, and it shouldn’t be too far from your summer home.


In fairness, my SR22 speed of 245 KGS was in a descent at the top of the green arc. My highest straight and level GS was only 224, one know slower than Mike’s “underpowered” SR20.
Jerry Seckler

You wrote:
“my SR22 speed of 245 KGS was in a descent at the top of the green arc. My highest straight and level GS was only 224”

SR22 #109 has seen level cruise groundspeeds on eastbound headings as high as 226 Kts at 75%. On the way home after delivery in Duluth (Nov) and last weekend coming back to Allentown, PA from PIT. PIT to ABE GPS direct in 53 minutes, just as fast as the airlines. Didn’t see that 226 Kts for the whole trip but it’s fun to watch that speed build and stay there for a while. Most eastbound headings have us flying above 200 Kts GS. on a normal basis. Haven’t flown #109 above 7500 feet yet due to break-in recommendations of TCM.