Southern Cal Fly-in, One More Time

Next time I try to help out in planning an event like this I will use the phone and call you guys 30 times, then flip a coin.

OK, this is what I am hearing. Gordon likes CMA and if we postpone later in the month, he can show off his new bird. The 8th of March would not work in this case.

The 15 or 16th do not work because Dave Raab is helping me put this together and he can not attend those days. Remember Dave put he Auga Dulce fly-in together last time.

How does Saturday the 22nd sound? I think Oxnard is a better choice if we want quiet and be able to park and eat together. Sure there is nothing to do at Oxnard other than hang out with Cirrus owners that day, but that may be more relaxing to most us old folk. Hopefully our luck will not bring fog that day.

I am almost afraid to ask you thoughts now. Will OXR the 22nd of March be OK?



Go for it.


If you don’t mind someone from Arizona showing up, my wife and I would like to join.

The last time I was at OXR was back in 1995 when I tried out the “KISS” kit plane. The manufacturer was based there.


Saturday 22nd it is! I am flying from Corona (ajo) and if not too far out of the way, will pick you up.

Ah shucks, I just invited a friend for Mar 8th – don’t care where, but that was a convenient weekend for us. Mar 22 also works, but I vote for more parties! Gordon will get his chance to show off soon enough… We have lots of other things to talk about anytime COPA members gather. East coast folks did 2 fly-ins in 3 weeks, eh?


I really like CMA but Oxnard is fine. Count me in

Gas $2.26 at CMA

Works great for me, I’ll be there.


Unless a heluva blizzard strands me in Duluth for an extra week, I’ll be there March 22!
I know I tied it down here somewhere… [:(]

Sounds great. I will try my best to be there. --Frank

Just had Mike Via, the president of New Glasair over for dinner (he lives here in Ventura but commutes regulary to WA - wives are good friends, as well - we have a new baby boy and they have a new baby girl!) Mike’s Glasair’s stowed at OXR and I mentioned that COPA’s fly-in is scheduled for OXR. He was a bit shocked and suggested, if not CMA then Santa Maria: two restaurants, and plenty of interesting things. Seems like the commitment’s to Oxnard this round - but perhaps next time we consider Santa Maria? I was in Watts all day distributing food to the needy so couldn’t get over there, but will post a ground based report on OXR tomorrow.



OXR on March 22 sounds fine to me. I am based there and if you need any assistance with the organisation let me know.

Neil Paton SR 20 N231CD

Since Roger (flyboy) Friedman will be there, then I have to come. Will bring my little SR-20 and a friend or two. Last time I went overnight to Oxnard, the very friendly FBO was baking cookies. Plus, no overnight fees. Can’t beat that.

-Steve Schultheis N1645S

Jim: It looks like March 22 a OXR is official. Do we have an official time? Should it be placed on the calendar section?

While I may have a plane by the later date the point is nearly moot as I live but five minutes from OXR (actually started my instrument there in 1980 at Valenti Aviation, which is long gone). I certainly will attend via ground transportation and thus can conveniently bring the entire clan (including six month old future pilot Christian) to see the various SR’s and almost more importantly meet the brilliant SoCal minds behind the COPA posts!

OXR is awfully quiet as the conversion of CMA from Air Force Base to GA took the wind from beneath it’s wings. The least I can do as a ground bound contributor, if it helps, is a recon mission this weekend and a report back on ramp and service conditions.

FWIW, I would still recommend planning an alternate, as occasional coastal stratus brings OXR to minimums with CMA reporting VFR. If Wx’d in, a last minute change to Camarillo would still allow the show to go on.

Jim, if there is anything that I can do from a ground based perspective, please let me know!


Works for me see you there. Unless It goes to alternet. Also good. Thanks for the ground work. From Don

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…but will post a ground based report on OXR tomorrow.

I have emailed a detailed report on OXR to Dave. The short version is that there are several places to eat. Fuel’s $2.85 to $2.91/gallon depending on circumstances. There is PLENTY of parking! And I’d be happy to provide ground shuttle service!


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And I’d be happy to provide ground shuttle service!

Logistics could be quite messy unless the restaurant is on the field or a short walk away. People arrive at different times, and some may need to leave early, etc.

Re: shuttle reference in my post - it’s out of context (I’ll email you the eatery details)…shuttle’d be for other options, it’s not necessary but since I’m here and available if someone wanted a ride somewhere, I am pleased to offer it…think TAN for the day.