solliciting SR20 v2 PIREP

Tomorrow the first SR20 v2 will be delivered.

Please inform us of looks, smell, feel, noise and speeds of the first !

Jaap SR20 v2.2 April 2003

Hi Jaap.
I was in “your shoes” untill beginning of January '03.

I slip to the SR22 Jan 10th. Cirrus anticipated to me an estimte delivery time: April 18th.

I want to be there for acceptance, training and if will be possible come back inside the 22 as co-piolt of the ferry-pilot during an “via north” ferry flight to Europe.

Hope to meet you there!

Yesterday I flew our club’s new 2.1 SR20. Our previous SR20 was an early model so there were many changes in the new one (Avidyne, 327 transponder, landing light in lower cowling, factory installed stormscope) that many of the newer SR20’s already have. From a flying standpoint, there is no difference from our old one. It started very easily (temp was about 30F) without engine preheater which is not yet installed. On the negative side, the plane gained weight (84 pounds) and the true airspeed is about the same as our old plane (151 kts).
There are a few more switches (2 alt and 2 battery switches). There is a protective bar over these switches to prevent accidental shut-off. The circuit breaker panel has been totally rearranged. Breakers are grouped together based on what is supplying the power to that set of components, with some of the groups having a controlling breaker (which should make it easy to shed power when needed).
One thing I know for sure is that there won’t be any more vacuum pump failures!

Good for you,

Hope to meet you here.

My E-mail went bizar so aIso in this way.

For all waiting for a SR20 v2.x, the new v2.x POH is online at www. -> aircraft -> SR20 POH