So, You Think Parking Your Airplane On A Boat Ramp Was A Problem...

OK, this is so far off topic, it is a stretch to use the word “airplane” in the title, but:
Last week two houses floated down the Kentucky River, into the Ohio River and traveled about 100 miles before getting grounded on an island about 15 miles north of Louisville. Although they had to be spotted dozens of times, no one reported the houses to any authorities. One unsubstantiated report even had the houses passing through a set of locks. Now, i am sure that many of you wouldn’t knoe the Ohio River from the Amazon River, but I assure you that the river is very heavily trafficed by commercial traffic and it by many cities. The houses ieven passed over dams and undermajor bridges.
Not this is not a joke, at least in the sense that there is a punch line. This is an unadulterated true story. These houses are not houseboats or anything other than traditional homes.

So next time some one says that New Yorkers are oblivious, you can point out that Hoosiers and Kentuckians are far worse!

The full story is here in our local, Gannett owned newspaper.

When I was a kid, I saw a house floating down the Mississippi River in Arkansas…that was toooooo many years ago…