SMA engine for North America

Has anyone heard and news regarding SR21 diesel for North America. It seems as though it would be a great engine: lower fuel burn, cheaper fuel, 3000 TBO, more power at higher altitudes, the ability to get above weather…
On the other hand, it is a new European engine, with little support in North America. What Cirrus would charge is also a big question mark.
My wife and I are waiting not so patiently for a May of 2003 delivery, so we can wait and watch for a while.

Best Regards, Doug

Agree with your assessment of advantages of SMA diesel.

However, I understand that the price for the SMA engine will be EXTREMELY high. Something about limited volume production, European costs etc.

With relatively narrow US cost differences between JetA and 100LL, it may not be economic in the US versus an SR22 with IO55N. Will be a different set of economics in Europe with large tax driven price differentials. Also issue of poorer performance at lower alititudes vs the IO550N.

Has a price been set for the 21 in Europe? CD has nothing at all about it on their web site.

Regards, Doug

SMA charges about $80,000.00 for the engine.