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I am a new pilot and am considering purchasing an SR20 or SR22 to use for my instrument training. I am interested to hear if there are any service or reliability issue that I should consider before my purchase.

I am interested to hear if there are any service or reliability issue that I should consider before my purchase.

You have to be kidding. My SR20 was in the shop 23 times during the first year. It is now almost 2 years old and I just got it back today after another 5 weeks in the shop. Although I am the loudest critic of Cirrus, based on some of the other postings, my plane isn’t the worst of the lot.

Despite what Mr. Pileggi says, the great majority of owners absolutely love their airplanes and have had excellent dispatch reliability. If you are considering purchasing a Cirrus I suggest you spend the $50 to join COPA and access the thousands of posts on the Members Forum.

I traded my Bonanza for a SR22 and I’m glad I did. I have put 230 hours on my SR22 in six months and have had 100% dispatch reliability.

I spent the first year of life with my new SR20 (now 2.7 years old) whittling away at a list of minor squawks. Nothing major or safety related - lots of cosmetic items, and a few that were truly annoying. At first, it was fix one thing, then find two more. After three or four months, there was a period when it was fix two things, find two more - the list stabilized. Then, toward the end of that first year, the list approached, then reached, emptiness.

Since then, I’ve had the occasional - but entirely normal - squawk… like flat tires, broken bulbs, etc., and one engine-related problem that kept me from flying for five days. There are almost 920 hours on the Hobbs now; overall, this is the most reliable airplane I’ve ever owned (although, to be fair, it’s the first airplane I’ve ever owned that had less than 5,000 hours on it when I bought it!)

I’d say that if you really want to avoid even the “teething” squawks that seem to be inevitable with new-airplane ownership, buy a “gently used” one, and you’ll be in great shape.

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I bought a new SR22 in 2001. I flew it for 21 months and 520 hours. During that time, I had only minor squawks. I had only one departure delay, due to a bad sparkplug.

In March of this year, I traded that plane in for a new SR22 with PFD, TKS, etc. So far, with over 200 hours, only minor squawks.

If you’re truly interested in buying a Cirrus, join COPA and read the member forums. Would you spend $50 for a book that would tell you everything you wanted to know about Cirrus planes? For the same amount, you can become a COPA member for a year and get all of that information, plus get to ask questions of the smartest group of people you will ever meet – the other COPA members.

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On the other hand many of us have had a great experience with Cirrus and their aircraft. Art has a legitimate gripe, I would hate to be in his position. His posts have been indicative of problems but I cannot tell what the root cause is or if he just has a lemon.

But I cannot let the post stand on its own. I think the overwhelming majority of Cirrus owners would be on the opposite spectrum from this.

I think the Cirrus is a great plane and recommend it. My 22 is 2 1/2 years old and other than some early SB’s and a few minor things it has been trouble free. Over its life, including annuals and optional work, its been in the shop about 5 times. I admit it is a hangar queen and owned and flown by only myself.

You may find insurance hard to get on the 22 if your low time and without a instrument rating. If that is the case try a 20. Good luck.

I too would agree with Gordon’s post. I think you will find the " member " section complete with significant data to help you with your decision. Additionally, if you contact you will be able to access phone and email for Jon Fiscus and Luke Lysen who can provide references of people who have purchased a Cirrus for just what you are trying to accomplish.

With reference to " shop time " … I would say " your results may vary " but my plane is 6 months old 200 hours and no service issues at all. Period. Everything works perfectly ( except for two MFD buttons which will be fixed on the next oil change visit and aren’t an issue) .

Good luck

Paul: As a datapoint, I have one of the earliest SR22s and in 2+ years and about 415 hours, I have been delayed only one time by a mechanical issue and that was due to 3 clogged fuel injectors, hardly an issue related the the airframe or design. Clearly, I have dealt with a bunch of SBs, but that is expected when you get the Beta version of anything.

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I admit it is a hangar queen and owned and flown by only myself.

Roger: Do you mean hangar princess as oposed to Hangar Queen? Yes, I just coined hangar princess, but I have always understood that a hangar queen is a plane that is always in the maintenance hangar in other words perpetually grounded. (Sorta like Art’s gripes.) I consider my plane a hangar princess, always lovingly nestled in a new hangar.[;)]


I stand corrected! Either way, my Cirrus makes me feel like royalty!

Thanks for all of the helpful input. Tomorrow I get the opportunity to demo an SR22. Your answers have been great. If the plane flies as well as I expect it will, my next tough decision is SR20 or SR22.

Thanks again!!

Unless money is virtually no object, you will find insurance for a 22 extremely difficult to obtain. You probably won’t like the rates on a 20 all that much either. Make sure you check insurance availability and the decision may be made for you.

I would not even consider purchasing a Cirrus without spending $50 on a membership in COPA.

I’ve been here less than a month but have found a wealth of information here.

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