Senior Design Project

Hello all,
I’m currently a senior at University of North Texas in Electrical Engineering. I wanted to get some ideas from yall of what my team and I can do for our senior design project.
A little about me… This is my second bachelors degree, my first was in Aviation Science. I hold a commercial pilot license and a flight instructor rating with 1500 hours. My main goal is to become a flight test engineer. This past summer, I interned for Texas Instruments as an Validations Engineer Intern. I wanted to ask all of you because most of you have a lot more engineering and professional flying experience. So is there anything you can think of in Aerospace applications that I can design and maybe implement as an electrical engineer? I have some ideas but I would love to get to know from you as well. For more details :

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Do you have access to an experimental plane, or a test rig with some avionics?

One thought would be to reach out to [mention:88c073d5a96f4634840ca8596f46235e:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] and see if he might be interested in some assistance on the very interesting Bluemax work he has been doing.

My wife and kids would vote for Active Gust Alleviation for light aircraft.

PM sent!

Lithium-Ion mainship battery.