Scottsdale September 2021 Migration | Registration OPEN!

We hope to be there as long as we are both vaccinated by then. YAY COPA!!!

don’t worry there will be plenty of spouses (including mine) that have come to love, or at least tolerate, us aviation nerds :wink:

My wife is also an enthusiastic convert!

Looking at the map - for those of us coming from the airport - looks like we could practically walk to the resort.

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last time I stayed there… a plane did indeed land at the resort. RIP

I’m going to ride my bike!

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Neat. Plane delivery is 7/21. I’m in!


I went to the link at the Westin. Just to be sure I’m not seeing a problem – is there only one room type (“Run of the House”) available?

Michael, I think so… at least if you want the substantial COPA discount.
Not worth paying that much extra IMHO just to get a view of the golf course. Hope to not be cooped up in my room anyway.

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That is what I saw too. I went straight to the property to check rooms and what different types were there (and obviously directly at Westin there were more choice selections) but the rate secured by COPA, was so very very good compared with the rates offered by Westin directly it made it a no-brainer (for me) to go with the group secured room type.

FWIW my wife is coming to migration this year. One of her BFF lives a couple of miles away.

Is there a schedule of events for this yet?

Not yet, I just launched the planning Team.

We are planning on having registration up in April
With all the details speakers, etc. But here is the Outline we are working around.

Thursday: Fly-in, welcome event at KSDL, COPAcabana (cocktail party) that evening.

Friday: Annual meeting, trade show, education seminars, social events

Saturday: education seminars, trade show, social events, Gala Dinner (keynote, awards, auction)

Sunday: potential COPA golf opportunity, potential COPA Surfrider opportunity, scheduled departure day, but I encourage Extending the adventure with a trip to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Tucson, or other surrounding areas if you haven’t been.


Super, thanks all. I just wanted to be sure that there wasn’t some other option I was missing. Looking forward to it!

Hey all-

Super eager to join for the first M after New Orleans Wx cancellation and last year.

I tried to hit up the QR code from the magazine article and it seems the is not working.

Any help on rooms?


Well that’s not good!!!

Here is a direct link…

I will check the shortened link ASAP.

Thanks Erik. I hope these events are young family friendly- the Kierland is one of the family’s favorite resorts, and I convinced them to come with.

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I am booked! :smiley:

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