SB Completed

The CAPS SB on my SR22 was completed this morning. I am airworthy again. Hope everyone is getting it fixed this easily.

Congratulations, Lou. Did you get a chance to watch the procedure? Did the A&P make any comment on how easy it was?

The SB procedure was completed before I could get to the airport. The AP and the Maintenance Manager at Dulles Aviation (Manassas, VA) said it was very simple and fast. It sounds like the 10-15 minute estimate for doing the work is about right. I was fortunate to have my plane temporarily based at Dulles Aviation, so scheduling was easy.

During the conversation I had with our shop here in Lauderdale, the shop manager told me that not only did he have the BRS SB, but he also had several special notes that the folks from Cirrus passed on to them during a phone call earlier in the day. According to the manager, these special notes were additional details needed to make the conversion go more smoothly. If you have an A&P doing the work who only has the printed BRS SB, you might want to have her/him give Cirrus a call to see if there’s anything else they should know before getting into it. Just a thought.