CAPS / BRS engineering

O.K. my $0.02 opinion:

Why are we having to do repeated SBs to jury-rig the CAPS/BRS system? If there is a problem with the system, why doesn’t Cirrus / BRS re-engineer a correct permanent replacement component, have us get it installed, and be done with it? This STINKS of Rube Goldberg engineering philosophy.

The correct fix for the 1st SB issue should have been to replace the bad rocket motor adapters with correctly manufactured ones (more costly and time consuming, but doable, with patience and the right tools, through the access hatch in the baggage compartment). The second SB should involve a reengineered cable system that incorporates the correct mechanical advantage (pulley, bell crank/ lever?)

Yes, the fixes currently being done may solve the problem. But, are they permanent fixes, or are we going to revisit our service centers for SB after SB on this issue? (The “temporary” POH changes certainly imply that!) My perspective is that the problem is being addressed with a “get it fixed cheap, fast, and to minimal standards” attitude. This is not what I normally think of Cirrus’ engineering philosophy, and it makes me very nervous to see this departure from the norm.