Save about $500

Position # 738 is for sale. It is an SR 20 anticipated for September, '02. So far, no decisions have been asked for or made.

This position required a $15,000 deposit, whereas Cirrus is now insisting on $20,00, but as of today, still offering Sep '02 delivery.

If you are contemplating ordering today or soon, then you could have my position for $1.oo UNDER my cost, just $14,999, and even though you pay Cirrus a fee of $500 to transfer the position, you can invest the $4,500 you save. Over the next 20 to 23 months, your return on that saving will more than pay for the transfer fee.

You would even get your new SR20 or 22 days, weeks or even months sooner!

This offer goes away December 20.