Satellite phone with weather

I finally got my globalstar satellite phone hooked up to a lap top today. I can now access the internet or make a telephone call from just about anywhere. My primary interest in satellite telephony was to be able to make an emergency or urgency telephone call anywhere anytime. I just hooked up to yahoo weather and was able to download a satellite weather image in about 4 minutes. I had to go through a few pages to get there, so I think it could be done much quicker if I could go direclty to a radar site with simple pages and no ads. Could anyone suggest a few options for web sites that would make most efficient use of the per minute charge of 1.50 so that I could download an image in under a minute. If anyones interested in seeing this, I could maybe get Globalstar to give me some free minutes to show people at Oshkosh this summer.

Try this one:

It’s the National Weather Service Doppler Radar site. You’ll be getting the same images that NEXRAD images are based on.

John Kinsey SR22

You might want to take a look at the COPA/CPPP weather pages. Most of the links we have there link directly to a specific image. So if you bookmark some of those pages directly, you might be able to save a little time. (You could also bookmark the COPA/CPPP weather pages but would then still probably have to go through one more step.)


I’ve got a national radar summary in under 1 minute using The first access takes a little longer to load the background graphics which must be cached for later updates. Unfortunately this only updates every half hour. Does anyone know of a site that updates a national radar more often?