Apparently, there a several different ways to obtain satellite imagery in the cockpit. Does anyone out there currently use this. I do own a Globalstar Satellite phone which a couple of the systems are supposed to be able to use. Orbcomm satellites also have a system. The most recent AOPA magazine had a review of several systems. However, I would be more interested in reading a product review of those actually in use.
Incidentally, the Globalstar satellite phone is quite the tool for the pilot. If not for the utility alone, I consider the phone an insurance policy since there are still many dead zones for cellular service. The phone was about $1000 and can be used for satellite or cellular calls. I pay $59/month for the satellite fee with 20 minutes of use. I think you can also get the basic service for 20-30/month and pay by the minute (about 1.49). If your plane ever goes down and you live to talk about it, you’d like to be able to talk about it. The call quality is exceptional.