Weather Uplink & Anywhere Map

A littl off-topic, but considering recent discussions on weather uplink, I thought this was relevant.

From AOPA e-Pilot this morning:

Nexrad weather radar data will soon be available in the cockpit on personal digital assistants (PDAs) with Control Vision’s new Anywhere Wx. Used in conjunction with the AnywhereMap moving map system, pilots will be able to obtain data from an aviation weather provider via datalink. Average times to download a 200-by-200-nm radar picture, geo-referenced to the aircraft’s position, run “considerably under one minute,” said the company. The company will offer packages priced between $3,000 and $4,000 that bundle datalink service from either AirCell or Globalstar along with its AnwhereMap software, PDA hardware, and GPS antenna. Per-image costs will be about $2. Anywhere Wx is to be available to customers by late July. For more, see ( ).