Santa Barbara, CA Fly-In on Saturday 6/30/2001 - Details

This month’s West Coast Cirrus Fly-In will be held Saturday, June 30, at the Barbara airport (KSBA). Among those who plan to attend is Cirrus sales rep Tom Bergeron, who will be coming in an SR20. We’re also working on Jim Fallows, author of Flight, to have him join us…

Plan to meet at Air Center (at the southeast corner of the airport) at noon. We’ll have lunch at 1:00 P. M. on the patio at the Beachside Bar & Cafe, located on Goleta Beach a short 10-minute walk from Mercury. The patio offers excellent views of the beach and of airplanes departing Runways 15L and 15R. ( here for a description of the restaurant and for driving directions if you are coming by land.)

Directions for those flying in:

  • You will probably land on Runway 15L (if coming from the east) or Runway 15R (if coming from the north and west). Mercury Air Center will be on your left near the end of the runway as you roll out. ( here for an airport diagram showing Mercury’s location.)

  • Ask Santa Barbara Ground to hand you off to Mercury Unicom (122.95 MHz). Tell Mercury you are with the “Cirrus Fly-In” and they will direct you to parking, probably at the far south end of the ramp ( the diagram).

  • When it’s time to go to lunch, we’ll walk over to the Beachside. For those who would prefer not to walk, we’ll have classic transportation available, including Glenn Beltz’s 1974 Valiant and our Nash Metropolitan convertible.

If you’ve not yet let us know that you’re coming, please send an e-mail message to Roger Freedman or Glenn Beltz . Please let us know how many will be coming to lunch.

See you on Saturday!

Roger Freedman and Glenn Beltz

for the’s Revolutionary Cirrus Fly-In Committee

I now think I can make the fly-in, although may get there a little late. (As mentioned earlier, juggling responsibilities for parents moving out of their house.) Really hoping to see you all there (and avoid moving duties for a few hours!). jf