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… installed my long-awaited GPSS unit…


This will change your life! [:)]

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Airways in Lancaster PA does EXCELLENT work …

I agree wholeheartedly – I took N84MR to Airways for its pre-buy/Annual when I sold her; their work, and their service, was top-notch. Jim Mazzante was a pleasure to deal with.

  • Mike.

How much was the GPSS unit and the labor to install it? What kind of FAA paperwork is involved to do this job?

No plane yet, working on it

I am at the opposite extreme from Curt. I am fortunate enough to be 11 minutes from Airways by air. I have spent much time with Jim Mazzante and his crew (kudos to Mike, Dan,Larry, Will…and apologies to whomever I forgot). This folks are the cream of the crop! I suspect that many of us who have been using Airways since the beginning might at times take them and their service for granted. Then when I read some of the threads on here I realize how lucky I am to be so close!

Scott, I was in with Jim one day and ran into your instrument student who was getting an oil change on his Cirrus. I think that he said that he had been back east a few months…what a deal!

Anyway, kudos to Jim Mazzante and crew. We are fortunate to have them supporting us!

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Jim Mazzante was a pleasure to deal with.

I think I may have the record for the longest flight to an annual-4260 miles roundtrip to bring my plane to Jim!

When I talked to Jim he mentioned that you were there Curt. However, you were not the only one from the West Coast. One of my recent instrument students had three oil changes with Airways. He lives out your way.