RNAV/GNSS/PBN Certification of G3 (Avidyne)

Hi Guys,

Can anyone assist please?

I would like to know if my G3 Avidyne equipped SR-22 (2007 model) can be certified for GPS based RNAV operation? I have approached the local avionics guys in my country (South Africa…ICAO rules) and there appears to be a requirement that:

  1. each aircraft to be individually certified

  2. the GPS annunciations must be displayed on the PFD or alternatively

  3. the centre of the PFD may not be more than 24cm from the GPS receiver (not sure if its horizontal or diagonally measured). If not, then a new annunciator, connected to the GPS’s will be required to be added.

Can anyone clarify the situation for me please?




Hi Dion

Give me a shout in the morning. I’m currently jumping through the necessary hoops …