Evaluationing Purchase of SR-22- However ?

Seriously considering the purchase of an SR-22. My research indicates that there have been “many” Avidyne PFD failures which ultimately require complete replacement of the unit. Many instances of multiple PFD failures in the same SR-22. I received the recommendation "purchase the extended warranty from Avidyne at approximate annual cost of $1,500. Can anyone speak to this topic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the aircraft.

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Seriously considering the purchase of an SR-22.

You can’t be too serious if you haven’t dropped the $50 to join COPA and read all the posts on the members’ side. [:)]

Only half kidding. Among the countless gems would be this poll of members’ experiences with their Avidyne PFD’s.

Look forward to seeing you ‘on the other side’!

I’ve only got 70 hours on my new SR22 (in 2-1/2 months!), but absolutely love this aircraft and haven’t had any major issues with the PFD. Upon picking up the aircraft, I did have the engine page ‘stick’ on me a few times during my first training flight - the Cirrus mechanics switched out the memory card and it’s been perfect ever since. Also, the XM radio controller died on me that connects to the MFD, but the manufacturer next day air’d me a new one so I had no downtime… talk about terrific service from Heads Up Technology. From what I’ve heard talking with other Cirrus owners is that Avidyne used to be a lot slower in their response times to issues, but now is absolutely terrific in resolving issues quickly.

Let’s face it, when you go to a glass cockpit filled with technology, there is a risk of failures… just like when you went to a computer for word processing rather than a typewriter. When I looked at going to a 182 Turbo with the G1000, versus the Cirrus, one of the biggest factors for me was the number of displays Avidyne has out in the field versus Garmin. Don’t get me wrong, Garmin is a fine company with a terrific product, but I just felt like a company with a tons of the units in the field and operational was going to be a lot more likely to fix bugs quicker than huge corporation with a smaller sample size to diagnose issues with.

After flying for the past 70 hours in the aircraft, I truly do feel that this is a near ‘perfect’ aircraft and wouldn’t even think of buying anything else - talk about dedication to a brand - and just a few month’s ago, I was so uneasy about the Cirrus equipment that I wouldn’t even take a test flight. As with anything, knowledge is power, and once you’ve got it, I think you’ll find Cirrus and the Avidyne system are the right ones to go with. I actually called Avidyne before my purchase to dispell all the myth’s the Cessna guy told me about their stuff - they were helpful and knew their stuff. Call Garmin and Avidyne - I think you’ll be surprised at how well the Avidyne guys are on the ball and dedicated to making good products (Disclaimer: I’m with a private company and have absolutely no stake in either of these companies so am completely unbiased on this issue!)


Yes - I sure have. I joined COPA the day I took delivery of my aircraft. I was sitting there in the hotel in Duluth with a few minor questions after the exciting day of taking delivery. Sure enough, I joined the member area and there were the answers to the questions other people had already asked. Well worth the money any day of the week!



That is the feeling most of us have about both the aircraft and the company. Have you joined COPA yet? As an owner there is a wealth of information form the members side. Well worth the money.