Avidyne vs G500

I am considering an sr22 G2. I have some concerns about the avidyne panel vs a newer G500 that I could add to my current airplane ( TB20). I’d be interested in hearing anyone thoughts…

Both are great. Not sure your question, though. A 22G2 wouldn’t need a 500
And the Avidyne glass is beyond simple and usually very reliable. Some G1s have had 500s installed, but others have been updated to Avidyne and that seems ideal and similar cost. 10" screens are fantastic. The 500 is really a single split screen so if it fails all is dark. Unlikely but nice to have 2 and bigger is better… Lots of options but the Avidyne is a well integrated FMS that is reliable and easy to use. Just about impossible to get lost. Both require complete 430 proficiency to master. There are lots of 430 tricks and traps threads from years back that are worth the read. Those are boxes that can kill you if u get “button buggerd” at a bad time. If Avidyne ever releases the 440s that would be wonderful integrated refresh to G2 avionics.

I have the avidyne set up (g2 Sr22) with 2 Garmin 650’s and a DFC 90. It’s pretty hard to imagine something that’s much better…and they’ve all been bullet proof.