Ian in CA

The Cirrus C.A.P.S. sim and display truck will be in palo alto on Sunday July 7th for our viewing. As a bonus Ian Beantly will be there to answer questions and sing karaoke ;} for all that attend. The truck,Walt and Ian will be at PAO from 10-4. If we get a good r.s.v.p. we will try to put together a bbq or a lunch at the golf course for a Q and A. I know it is short notice so let me know and we will see what we can put together…Ed

I’ll be there with brood in tow. Kevin

I’ll be there. Where on the airport will it be? By the “terminal”? --Frank

Two for BBQ!

Add 3 or 4 for BBQ coming up from San Diego. Thanks for hosting.


I will be there with two friends for BBQ.
Please let us know where to park on the field.
Jon Martin

The CD roadshow was open at PAO. The truck they have set up is marvelous–a terrific marketing tool (rumor has it they may have garnered as many as 6 new contracts!). I remarked to Walt that I was thinking of redecorating a room in our house along similar lines, although I’ll pass on the plastic plants…Better yet, it was air conditioned, one more reason it will attract numerous visitors on the summer trade show circuit.

I sat in the fuselage section with the CAPS simulator and pulled the lever. It was not a big deal and I could easily do it even with my bursitis-compromised right shoulder/hand. Passengers should have little problem if the need arises, although I would advise pilots to brief their more slight-of-build passengers not to hesitate to use both hands if there’s any doubt.

CD had an SR20 (174CD) and 2 SR22s (742CD and 831CD) on display. 831CD spent the day giving numerous demo flights. 2 SR22 and 1 SR20 owners showed up in their planes as well.

Ian spent much of the day fielding questions. It was interesting to observe–get 8 pilots in one place and you’ll have 10 firm opinions on any topic, all of which received patient answers. I got an answer to my query about the potential reasons for the cruise TAS difference between the 2 SR20s I’ve flown: the slower of the two likely has max rpm set below 2700–maybe 2600 or even 2550–and possibly could use a minor tuneup of the rigging.

Very enjoyable afternoon and I recommend you have a look at their truck display if you have the opportunity.