Red Bull Air Race Highlights

Setting a patriotic mood.

Racers prepare.

Calibration lap.

…and the race is on…Not much room for error.

Limit of 10 G.

Clipped pylons were common due to high winds.


Missed by “that” much!

Itinerant entrant with thrust advantage.

Cleanly through.

The Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter - no I didn’t rotate the picture.

One of the competitors - another clipped pylon!

An unnatural way to handle an aircraft.

While it was disappointing that the race was called off early - the winds to blame - there was some interesting action while it lasted. This is just a taste for those who couldn’t make it.

Very nice pictures. The Air Races were certainly a great addition to M12. I still impressed by the forward tumble (or four) maneuver that that stunt pilot did.

Yes, it certainly goes into the “Don’t try this at home” category!

As David said, the race on Sunday was called off due to winds. If you were one of the COPA folks sitting in the stands (and cooking if you forgot your sunscreen) AND you happened to keep your ticket as a memento, you can get a partial “refund” - a credit - from RBAR toward a future event. Check here for details… Click on the “tickets/hospitality” tab to see the refund option.


PS - Edited to correct misunderstanding about the “refund” terminology. It’s really only a credit toward a future RBAR ticket price. Frankly, for the modest value, I wouldn’t spend the time… [;)]