Recommended Garmin execises?

I can not find a past post that had a list of recommended procedures to practice on the Garmin 430. Can anyone point me to that previous post?

See Derek Rowan’s list from his 7/01/01 post. I brought it to the top.

I agree this is a great list to practice. I used it first on the Garmin simulator. Then after I picked up my Cirrus, I used it in VFR conditions to help integrate the Garmins with the MFD and the Sandel. Recently, I used it to brush up prior to to my IPC. Once you can do everything on Derek’s list with confidence, it is easy to expand into the additonal capabilities of the Garmins. It also helps you keep your head up, the subject of another thread.

Note that the list only covers the GPS portion of the Garmins which is where most of the work is needed. However, it is also worthwhile practicing the several ways to pull up radio frequencies and using the VOR receivers just in case the GPS dies.