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Interesting articles about the SR 20 in the current issues of “Popular Science” and “Men’s Journal” magazines.

Popular Science claims the SR 20 and Lancair

Columbia “represent a bridge between what the
private airplane used to be and what it will become.”

While complimentary about the current iterations of both planes, the writer (Bill Sweetman)emphasizes that future developments in both engines and avionics are necessary. Lots of talk about AGATE and PFD’s and quotes Alan Klapmeier as saying PFD’s “…(are) the single most important technology that will grow this industry”.

The article talks about the two stoke diesel and

the Williams turbofan engines and said that a prototype Cirrus with the diesel should fly sometime this year.

I’m sure the majority of position holders are tired about hearing about “vaporware” and glowing

promises of future developments, but it’s an

interesting article.