New SR22 Article - Very Favorable

Flight International (I think) has a cover story ont he SR22. This English mag., is more like an AW&ST (Aviation Week & Space Technology) than a GA rag, but nonetheless, they put the SR22 on their cover.

The article was strongly favorable and their conclusions are similar to mine: The SR22 easily beat all competitively priced aircraft in speed, equipment and overall value, and it beats all similar HP competition in price. The closest overal competition? Lancair Columbia 300 - No surprises here.

They also pointed out that the SR22 was not just an SR20 on steroids. It was very easy to fly for the lower time pilots, but also very capable for the more expereinced pilots.

All in all, I doubt Cirrus could have written the article better themselves. Hmm, given the common heritage, I wonder if IanN Bentley writes for Flight Interantional? :-).

I’ll look for a internet link and post it if I find it.