Questions about the letter.

Paul and Chris,

Thanks for your thoughts. Feeling better already. Now if either of you want to swap positions…


Look at the bright side, if we go even a few months longer than the original commitment, we might just be able to get a FADEC controlled engine installed before delivery:)


Paul and Chris,

Thanks for your thoughts. Feeling better already. Now if either of you want to swap positions…

I would expect this to run into late summer early fall.Big fat money crunch.-20’s silent for a long while.Just break even with that bird.Don’t you hate it when you order a single topping pizza and they say 15 mins? You go to get it and your pizza is not close to finished.The costomers that called after you called ordered combo pizzas.They claim they make more money and they need to keep the till fat for bills.So I had to wait till next tuesday for my pizza.But they did fill the till as they were low on next time i will order the more expensive pizza . gluemiesterjeff

No, what I hate is when I only sent in 15k and not the total contract price! Lets review, contract price is set and Cirrus keep raiseing price of a/c ,this equals a positive rate of return.

Signed, Internet stock holding loser!

P.S. It probably would not hurt you to go to the salad bar!

Hey Clyde, When do we get the spell check with the nexrad/engine mon…ED

Hello Jeff,

I agree with your thoughts. The 50K would be well deserved specially if the company would give the storm scope and the engine monitor as a standard equipment. What are you waiting for Cirrus? Have a great day.


Got my letter today. Will state upfront I’m a SR-22 position holder. I really don’t know what to make of it, nor do I feel I have any context in which to judge it. I’m appealing for some wise opinions. However, let me volunteer my impressions. First off, I’m not going to enter into the is it or is it not ethical debate. At least I’m going to try not to as I have no idea what went into this decision. What I’m most concerned with is that I cannot tell if the letter is a) a very forthcoming document OR b) has some underlying troubling signs OR c) both. So far, my limited experience with the company has been very positive, but it would be naive, I think, not to acknowledge that while this may seem like a decisive move towards profitability, it can also reasonabl be viewed as a rather desperate attempt at financial viability. I mean, is this a last resort move? Does it feel that way to anyone?

Listen, the end goal of two production lines humming along sounds great, and nobody wants that more than me, I’m near the back of the line. But I have to say that I’ve (perhaps naively) never been worried about getting a plane until today.




I thought I was the only one! That letter scared the shi* out of me. As the owner of a large company myself (and an SR22 contract holder) I get very nervous when a letter gets sent from the CEO saying things like, “restructuring” and attempts at making Cirrus a “profitable and sustainable enterprise” that can “offer ongoing service and support.”

This letter implies that Cirrus is none of these things right now. I’m not sure whether I am more scared of losing my $30k, or never getting my plane.

After getting my letter I immediately emailed my sales rep. He replied with a quick, but thoroughly predictable, company line.

The world is full of too many stories like this. Ever heard of DeLorean?

As an outsider, it seems something must be done -quickly- or we may all be out of luck. With 700+ planes backordered, sales is not the problem. Profitablity and cash flow is. The SR22 performs like the competitors $500-$700k planes. The SR20 compares to everyone elses $350-400k planes. With better technology, better quality, better safety, etc.

What Cirrus may need, right now, is a massive price increase going forward. The SR20/22 could easily see a $50-$100k price increase -and still be the best value in GA, period. Why sell a superior product for half the competitors price when you are struggling to stay afloat? A real price increase going forward, plus an increase of new customer deposits to $50k, may not only help the company out of its financial difficulties, it would also keep the resale value high for current owners and contract holders. All good things.

The Cirrus is an amazing product. Hopefully the company will still be here next year.