New owner

Hi all,

i’m located in Switzerland and just bought an SR20 position recently. As far as I’m concerned this is the strongest virus that has ever affected me. I read this site daily and every time there is no new post I feel disappointed. Especially the reports from our flying friends make my enthusiasm grow further.

I wonder if there are other position holders in Switzerland and if they are scheduled to receive their gem anytime soon.

Walt, Chris and Robin, reading your experiences is like reading a couple of pages in a bestseller. I think I will be through this thriller by april 2002. I hope you will be patient enough to continue writing this novel until then and beyond. Thank you very much.

Clyde, this is an outstanding site. You get more hits from my side than yahoo does get. An auction section to monitor the market value of our planes would be very interesting. Many thanks to you for all the work.