Question re Purchase: Same models/Same years/Same Options; which one should I

choose. Both are 2005 SR22 Models

Option A:950 Aircraft Hours and 950 Engine Hours

Option B: 2300 Aircraft hours and 350 Engine Hours (after remanufactured engine install)

This is my first plane. Please advise. Thanks!

Generally speaking, I would prefer the high time plane with a low time engine than the plane with 950 hrs. Provided the high time bird was well maintained and kept up. Some people defer everything and wind up with a plane that’s fallong apart, though. Get a good 3rd party pre-purchase inpection.

Sit in each one. See which one chooses you.

I am working to buy as well. Just spoke with Savvy MX they will review logs at no charge. Then want $750 to manage pre buy. The no charge look at logs seems like a good deal. I have not sent info yet but plan on doing that later this week.


Marvin you didn’t say the prices! 950 hours in 10 years isn’t a lot, and you’d want to consider how regularly it operated vs. being still for 3 years or something. If it flew an hour a week, great! Overall, the lower time airframe should carry more market value. Less wear and tear overall, with the important caveat that living in a hangar is essential.

2,300 hours in ten years is pretty typical for the fleet I’m guessing. 350 hours is enough to know if the rebuild was a good one. Remanufacturing the engine should make it essentially new, so it’s a lower time engine for comparison purposes. Personally I’d make sure the lower time airplane is healthy, and, all else (price) being equal, I’d choose it. Fewer hours on the displays, fewer landings on the gear (maybe) and probably fewer operators. There are pumps, pulleys, hinges, trim motors, flap motors etc. that wear with use, not to mention the seats and interior finish.

thanks to all. Going w lower hour aircraft, rather than re manufactured engine plane, , plus its $20k Cheaper. $220k vs $240k. Annual was just done and going to get another cirrus certified shop to look at it.

Let’s say you were buying a 2005 Mercedes… Would u prefer a 200,000 mile car with a new engine or a 95,000 mile car with solid original engine? I’d go with 95,000 mile car.

Planes are not cars and careful maintenance and frequent use would be high preference items. Is one from a dry area (ideal) vs a coastal moist area?

Has the lower hour plane been run often (3-4x/mo) but shorter flights (ideal) or sat for periods without use (bad).

Less hours on all the other bits is good and a well cared for engine should go to TBO or more… So lots of life left.

Since its your first Cirrus paying Saavy to manage prebuy is priceless.

Make sure they check the cam and lifters for pitting and spalling. Infrequently used engines have a high likelyhook of this. 950 hours in 10 years isn’t much.


So great! Congratulations, you will LOVE being a Cirrus owner.

Budget a little extra, and help support your local CSIP. He/she will certainly help you enjoy your plane sooo much more, and might even assist in avoiding a scare in the future.

Don’t forget to post pictures of your new bird. smile


No mystery here. Run first at the low time plane always. Easy to get borescope done. Get a prebuy. low time every time If good shop on the sign offs.


You are making the second largest purchase decision next to your house and you have gotten invaluable advice. For $65 you can become a member of an organization that contains the most experienced owners and pilots of the type of aircraft you are buying. Seems like a small investment.

Oh, and Jeppesen gives COPA members a discount on their data subscriptions that more than pays for the membership.