PSP/ Where are you?

We are now up to 8 people for the fly-in and 2 are Dave and I. Come on you guys and gals you are KILLING ME! We had 67 people and now we have 7. We also had 33 planes that are not Cirrus so step up you others and lets go! I can tell you we will have a 20 and a 22 to look at. Lets not let this one slip away. Carl Larson leaves psp for the summer and Don 705DM leaves Vegas for the summer (Rich guys, 2 homes). Don is a vegas singer who will perform for us and the rumor is Carl is a mind reader so do not miss this group;} Email me or post it, but lets do it… Walt Conely is coming from DLH with a new 22 with Avidyne and skywatch. 2 beers in that guy and he will let anyone fly, well almost! (If Walts boss is reading this I do not mean it I am just trying to find something to do on Sat so I do not have to cut the lawn!!!)…ED

Sherri at Signature has to know early Thurs to order the noon lunch for Sat. so please respond to this forum by 8:00 am Thurs. If we can’t make the buffet lunch work we can order pizza.

Hi Ed,
The SR20/22s may be able to fly Sat, but the Archer I was going to rent is down for a 100 hr check. My back up ride (an SR22 owner) is coming back from overseas Friday and will just hear about the Clamp thingy.

If anyone is flying near Prescott (PRC) on their way to PSP, I would be more than happy to share expenses.

Walt N224AZ

Barbara and I are planning to come. Crownair is supposed to get the part today; hope they can get it installed in time.

I’d love to go but the Cessna I’m renting isnt available. Anyone from the Ventura/Socal area going?I I’d be glad to share expenses. I live here in Camarillo,Ca

Mario SR20#411

Hope to be there with SR-20 N1645S and four people (yes, we will watch the max gross) PROVIDED Jay’s aircraft can get the magic clamp kit by Friday. Looks like they can, but we need the confirmation from Cirrus that it is shipped today.
Steve Schultheis

Ed, I will be coming to Palm Springs on Sat. barring something I don’t know about at this time. SR-22 765DB. Airplane is getting BRS fix tomorrow if parts show up.

I would like to attend, but need to be back by early Sunday morning. I have a ride down, but need a seat in someone’s plane for the ride back Saturday. Anyone coming back Saturday, anytime, who could spare a seat? Thanks.

Eboland, I got the bad news today and will not be able to attend the Palm Springs fly in. The airplane is all fixed and polished and I can’t fly until late on Saturday, too late to attend the lunch. Thanks for the efforts to put this together and I hope everyone has a good time.

I plan to be there with my girls (big and little). The clamp thingy was just installed.


We’ll be there Rik and Tessa(10) and Mike(Uncle BE-A36 jock)

Come on, folks — it’s a perfect time for a Springs Weekend! Let’s make Saturday, March 2 the biggest Cirrus event ever.
Palm Springs, Palm Springs,
Go to Palm Springs
And youÂ’ll find out
What youÂ’ve been missing…
Let loose
To all the swinging things
You want to do…

From the song, “Live Young”
Sung by Troy Donahue in Palm Springs Weekend (1963)
Written by Larry Kusik and Paul Evans

Got my clamp on today so we will definately be there.