PPL Instruction in SR20 - Raleigh Area

I will be moving to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina in 2-3 months. I am a student pilot with 30 hours in a C172.

If possible, I would like to finish my PPL training in an SR20 and shortly after continue for my instrument rating. Is anyone aware of any organization or private individuals who rent and instruct in an SR20 near Raleigh?

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I was in your position several months ago. Without knowing your particulars…have you considered finishing out your PPL in the 172? It will be, among other things…significantly cheaper not only in cost / per hour but in hours / till PPL.

If you search, you will find several threads related to low hours and SR20 flight, and instruction in the SR20. many people have posted on both sides.

Personally I bought my SR20 with 40 or so hours in a 172.
I then spent 10 hours getting to know the SR20, before deciding to finish in the 172. If you haven’t flown an SR20 yet…landing 20+ knots faster and with such a different flare is a little intimidating coming out of a 172.

I expect to do my checkride next week, after which I expect another 15-20 hours of dual in the SR20 before sign-off.

Anyway, perhaps I’m being more cautious than the average 100 hour soon-to-be Cirrus pilot (haha), but to me safety is about controlling variables. At 40 hours my Cirrus simply represented too many new variables.


i did alot of my PPL in a sr20 and all of my instrument. the key is what the insurance companies will let you do. until you have 100 PIC hours in an sr20 insurance will be very high. you need to figure that part out before the next step.

Marty -

Thanks for your reply. You were indeed in a very similar circumstance. I’ll definitely consider your response accordingly.

It’s interesting you found it cheaper to finish in the 172 even after you had bought the Cirrus. My thinking is: I want to get a Cirrus soon after my PPL, so why not go ahead and do it so my cost per hour will be smaller (or at least comparable).

I haven’t flown an SR20 yet. A frequent poster to this board was kind enough to take me up in his SR22. I realize there is more to learn and I am expecting it to take more hours than in the 172. But on the other side I’m hoping there will then be less need for familiarization flights after getting my PPL. And my time in type will be building early.