Post fly-in challenge: Hitching a ride

OK, the fly-in is done. My next stop is Antwerp, where I’m going to meet my friend (and hopefully get a ride in one of Mario De Brie’s beautiful Stearman airplanes). But how to get there?
I came to Groningen hoping to hitch a ride with someone. I drew upon my substantial early college experience (I used to hitch-hike a lot in my youth) to figure out a way to get to Antwerp. Just stand on the side of the taxiway… [;)]
Thanks to Ian Valentine for his generous offer to fly me there. NEWS FLASH: Ian decided to buy a new airplane yesterday… apparently he’s tired of flying a Cirrus SR20. So, one day pretty soon, Ian will be flying in a shiny new, de-iced, PFD-equipped Cirrus SR22!

  • Mike.