Portable AC units

I’m starting to thinking ahead for next summer. The used Cirrus G2 I’m picking up has no AC unit or fan. I was looking at different units out there like Arctic AC 52qt unit on Sporty’s site. Seems nice and not sure if it will fit on the baggage area. Would this fit through the baggage door? Also, what other units would you recommend? Any input would be helpful.

Arctic air fits thru cargo door. I have one rarely used and will sell to u. Make a reasonable offer


I have an artic air unit.

I have never used it. Go figure

Which unit did you buy that fits in the cargo area? I was hoping the Arctic Air Portable AC 52 qt would fit through the door and in the cargo area.

Consider the Arctic air unit with compressor. It fits in luggage compartment. More expensive than an ice unit but much less than factory air (About 80% less).

DLK in Atlanta has done a number of installs .