Please send me your photos!

I’m working on a bigger and better version of the Cirrus ‘Fleet List/Production list’ and need your help please.

My next crazy idea is to modify the list so that if you click on the registration of an aircraft in the list, up will pop a picture of the aircraft! The objective is to get a picture of every aircraft in the fleet on the site!

I have a lot of pictures already, but there are still a lot more that I have not. I’d like to see a picture of ‘the finished product all painted up’, but also would appreciate a copy of the shots that Cirrus send you of your machine taken during manufacture.

If you have pictures of other Cirri in your possession, please send them, I will ensure that the photographer is credited (if you want me to that is).

What is also important for the completeness of the list is if any of you are aware of the ferry registration that your aircraft carried on the line and prior to painting at Hibbing.

Thanks in advance for your help.