Great Cirrus Wallpaper

Many people in the past have expressed interest in getting Cirrus pictures onto there computer ‘wallpaper’. Well its AOPA to the rescue. Look in this weeks AOPA on-line news letter towards the bottom (not a member of AOPA?-shame-shame) It is titled ‘AOPA ON LINE GALLERY’.There are about 7 pictures of Ciri’s.And even ‘I’ could figure out how to download one.It looks great everytime I crank up my Compaq!!

dan yates (still waiting for the bus!)

For those of you who haven’t seen the AOPA Online photo gallery to which my pal Dan refers, take a peek at

and search for the keyword “Cirrus.” There are nine wonderful photos available.

There are also hundreds of photos of non-Cirrus aircraft, if you like that sort of thing.