Pitot Static Event

A recent Pitot Static issue caused us to take our 2001 SR20 in for what was suspected as water in the system. A lineman flew our plane the night before and left the pitot cover off prior to a torrential Florida downpour. After the A/P opened the system to check for possible water infiltration he informed us that once a PS plumbing system is opened it has to have an avionics check on all of the PS instruments. Can anyone verify that this is a mandatory procedure. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Thanks to all.

That’s a real technical question but I will try to help with a simple answer. What it would need is a check for certain but it would need an operational check and not a leak check. A leak check is what you get every 24 months an operational check is basically verifying at 500 feet your instrument says 500 feet or within tolerance. It’s due to the fact you didn’t change any instruments. Some see that as splitting hairs. It saves time and money at the airlines but not sure if it will save you here but worth a try. The aircraft has water traps though so I’m trying to picture why he would have to open lines to check for water.

Thanks Kenneth. That is great information and will help me to sort this out. Much appreciated.

Randy Morris