Engine Monitoring Failure - Static?

Hello all and apologies in advance if this is covered on another thread. Our Cirrus is a 2005 SR22 NA G2 with the SIU unit and analog engine monitoring backups (no glove box). On a recent flight into IMC, I lost all engine monitoring for about 5-10 mins. It returned and seemed to be functioning normally, but was enough of a failure for me to request a diversion to an alternate airport.

The mechanics are suspecting static electricity build up. Our plane does not have any static wicks on the wings or elevators. Is this something others have experienced and if so were you able to solve?

Picture is from cruise at 5000 ft in full IMC. We had only been in IMC for about 5 minutes, maybe 10, before the failure occurred.

Thanks in advance!

MFD pic

It fails because your OAT probe is not properly grounded. It’s been a known service bulletin for 15 years. Fix the grounding and you won’t lose it

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Check the OAT probe on side of fuselage for grounding and security

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Have you made any progress with this issue?

I’ve had a few instances of this recently. Sometimes just flying along where it could be static, and sometimes associated with switching the landing light on. Almost certainly a grounding issue, just need to find where. I did check the probe and it’s grounded, anyone know how many milli-ohms is “good enough”? Or where else to look?



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