PIREP - Portable DVD

Since I have two kids, the issue of keeping them entertained came up. We got a Samsung DVD-L100 portable DVD player and then had to decide how to mount it. We purchased the Suspension Theater which is a case plus straps. We were able to mount it between the seats and it worked well. The first use was a disaster but on the way back my wife spent some time by herself figuring out how to properly set the thing up. Then it worked well. Remember to place the straps under the seatbelts or they will come off. Audio into the rear audio jack (use CREW setting) was deemed acceptable by the 6 year old except for being inadequate when his 2 year old sister was crying over her shoe coming off (she already has a shoe fetish at age 2). Screen was viewable by both children. DVDs are hard to change in flight so place the DVD in the player before placing the player in the holder. For more info check out http://www.portabledvdstore.com/sustheatsys.html but for a better price check out http://www.etronics.com/product.asp?stk_code=35suspth

I can’t say it’s the greatest solution but it does work. There is one problem particular to the Cirrus. The movie wasn’t over by the time we got back to Atlanta from Mobile. Darn fast plane!