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I just got my SR20 and had been trying to find the best way to mount my iPad. I have used a yoke mount for my iPad Air 2 in the Cessna 172 with good success but obviously not going to work in the Cirrus. After several tries I found a nice solution, the Octa Spider with the Spider Monkey Tail attachment. (https://www.octa.com) The Spider will hold pretty much any iPad up to and including the iPad Pro. It’s secure and rotates nicely for portrait or landscape uses. While sitting in The SR 20 I put the Monkey Tail under my left leg and curve it around toward the back of my seat. This places the iPad on the Spider attachment right in my lap. It doesn’t obscure my view of the backup instruments or the GCU keypad. It also allows full movement of the side yoke even with my seat up close. If I don’t want it in my view at all I can pull it up against myself as it’s flexible but strong. It allows landscape view for Foreflight maps and a quick turn to use in Portrait for approach plates. The iPad Air 2 is a perfect size for this application. I tried my iPad Pro but its just too big and block view and control movements. It does fit however in the copilot side where the configuration is slightly different. My wife can use the iPad Pro over there without interfering with the right side controls. Nice for her to watch a movie or monitor synthetic vision or traffic from the Foreflight/Stratus combo

Lots of opinions here on this…( surprise) I like Xflexstand.com product. Gooseneck, portable.

Pictures please. How is the base secured to your seat?

There are tons of threads on this subject on our Forums. Congrats on your new SR20! Joining COPA will be the best $65 you ever spent in aviation; be prepared to have almost a millions posts at your fingertips, including myriad variations on iPad mounts (with photos).

Very nice. I hadn’t seen that one. Do you sit on the base or is it long enough to mount on floor?


Here is my set up with a RAM mount. It actually doesn’t cover the annunciator or block your hand… its quick easy set up.

Would like to get one of these for our '04 22 w/Avidyne. please let me know how. thanks

More tinkering in the hangar this weekend. Here is the goose-neck iPad mount I came up with. I can’t figure out how to rotate the picture, sorry.

Start with this vehicle iPad mount from EBAY, designed to bolt onto the seat belt mounting point of a car or truck. Unscrew the mounting hardware at the bottom of the gooseneck and just throw it away.


Then attach this boss clamp from Amazon to the seat adjustment bar on the passenger’s seat. Use either side of the clamp, it doesn’t matter. Place it as far to the left as possible. It screws on solidly in a few seconds. Do not over-tighten. Don’t buy a flimsier boss clamp - the screws strip easily. Beware also- not all boss clamps are large enough to accept the 11/16" seat adjustment bar.

Then insert the plastic covered metal base of the goose-neck into the second opening and tighten. Make sure not to insert the gooseneck too far. The screw of the boss clamp has to be in touch with the metal base, not the flexible part of the goose-neck.

Done. Total time 5 minutes. Total cost about $30.00. The nice thing about this system is that the iPad can be tilted, turned or pushed out of the way in an instant.

I can’t recommend that setup. Almost all goosenecks are just not stuff enough to mount an iPad. It’s too heavy. Unless the neck is super short. In your case here the neck can instruct the power / mixture of it were to droop down. Maybe your set up is super firm? I’ve tired 4 or 5 different mounts just like that and they just don’t do the job. There is one that super thick and is pretty firm but it just doesn’t beat the ram single mount setup where you can stick it to the left and over the yoke. It’s like a 3rd screen. You can either use two suction mounts (one for the window and one for the device) or get an iPad mini mount. Both work well.

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I haven’t flown with it yet, but hope to next weekend. I think it will be strong enough. Years ago, in my last Cirrus, I had a very useful and strong goose-neck mount for a Garmin 396 that I welded to a very small vice grip. The 396 is heavier than an iPad, I think. The vice grip worked fine as an attachment point for the seat adjustment bar. This was years ago, before using a mount that a Copa member came up with for the 396.

Flew this weekend. There was mild turbulence from Birmingham to Knoxville. The mount worked fine on both legs of the trip. The mount was easily reached by my right hand, which made it easier to work the iPad with the forearm resting on the console. For landing and takeoff, I just pushed the whole thing over to the right , out of the way.