Password Problems?


Just a quick note – in the last 10 days or so I’ve gotten a handful of emails from people having problems with their passwords. In most cases we’ve gotten the problems worked out. In a couple cases, after I’ve replied, I’ve never heard anything back – I am hoping/assuming that the problems are fixed for everybody.

But if anyone is still having problems logging in (or ever does in the future), please let me know by writing either"][/email] or"][/email].


How can I change my password?

Click on My Profile above, then, on the upper right, click on Edit Profile. Then press on Sign-in-settings on the left.

Congratulations! You have set the record for reawakening a dormant thread, with the post you replied to having been posted on 10/1/2001.

At some point, people become fearful the line: “well, if would only search the existing threads…”

Easy to fix.

Change the search default “Sort By” to “Most Recent” from “Most Relevant”. Then those old threads would naturally be harder to access.

Yes, that’s on our I.T. list of needed improvements.

What exactly is listed as needed improvement as it relates to searches. What Paul mentioned already exists, but there are certainly other nuances.