Partnerships and Scheduling

Partnerships and Scheduling

Some of you may know I own my Cirrus with other pilots. For the last year or so to help with scheduling we use a free service offered by Air-Flow at
Their site has had a few minor bumps but over all we find it works best than calling each other. It also allows you to schedule dates far in advance as well as block out dates for maintenance.

Jim Campbell


I can’t seem to get past their home page to either view the demo or register. Emails to are returned as “User unknown.”

Have you been able to reach them recently?



Hi Jim:

Our group of 4 has set up a FREE hot mail account and use the calendar for scheduling. We have been very happy with it and the ease of use. Did I say FREE? Actually, two of us can be on it at the same time.

Another group of partnered pilots turned us on to the idea and it has so far worked trouble free. Oh, did I mention FREE?

Hope this helps.

David Schwietert 203 RF

Yep, same thing happened to me. I entered all of the registration info and got the 404 message when I hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Remember those few bumps I mentioned?

Try the site again in a few days. They might be down again. I have fund that things are usually OK within 24 hours.

Sorry, Jim

Try It has worked for us perfectly for over a year.

I looked at it looks like a nice site. Do you mind paying the $4.95 per month?


We’ve used for the past two years with a 4 aircraft, 45 member club. In my opinion, the service is excellent. There has been only 1 time that the service was down (only shortly) while they converted to a new server farm. They have both internet and phone access available. I would highly recommend this service!

My partners & I use Yahoo groups. We created a group of our own, which is not accessable by the public. In addition to a calendar, it also provides free-format databases for phone numbers, squaks, etc., and threaded discussions. So far, we’ve had 100% uptime.

It’s free, funded by advertisements. If you don’t want to see the ads, just download adfree ( to block all web advertising. Another software I am happy to have!


Well this was an eye opener. Using a few web search key words I came up with the following services to schedule your plane… $20 per month Free (the one I currently use) $4.95 per month You have to call for quote $20 per month

If any of you know of more, or who to stay away from, let us know.

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If any of you know of more, or who to stay away from, let us know.

A club I used to belong to used

It worked quite well from the end-user perspective, but I have no idea how much it cost.


We are three partners and use as a free service. It seems to work quite well and we have not experienced any down time.