Partners wanted in Birmingham, Alabama

I recently brought my 2002 SR22 up to the Birmingham area. The airplane is based at Bessemer, AL (KEKY). Looking for a couple of partners to share the fun with. Message me if interested.





I would like to inquire about some long term options, I live in Birmingham, right outside of Mountain Brook. Looking to start fractional in the next 12 months in either Cirrus SR20 or Cessna 172


Steve & Taylor,

Both of you might want to consider attending Migration, our annual fly-in, in June. This year, it’s being held in Mobile, AL, practically in your backyard. And, there will be lots (and lots) of Cirrus owners as well as wannabe Cirrus owners. Also, if you want to access a large crowd of Cirrus pilots, consider investing $65 and joining COPA. Often, there are conversations on the “member side” of the website from folks looking to partner in an aircraft. I’ve owned my SR-22 for ~10 years and still think that it’s worth the dues! [;)]


PS – I didn’t check to see if either of you were already members. Regardless, I hope to see you at Migration. [:D]


I made the hotel reservation last night for M11, I hope to meet you there.


Great! :slight_smile: