Parachute Re-Pack ? Or Not ?

Hi guys - Does anyone know if the Re-Pack or Replacement of the CAPS system is required by FAA ? We know it’s required by Cirrus. Thanks Dennis Combs 2003 Cirrus SR22 Centennial N8140S/Eclipsejet N20KS Boise

Yes it is, it is a life limited part and any part out of date would not be legally airworthy.

Dennis, as Bryan says, it is required.

But you raise an interesting distinction. Cirrus requires the parachute re-pack because of a 10-year life-limit time interval. Since the SR2X model is certified by the FAA with that requirement in place, both Cirrus and the FAA require it. The parachute is part of the design and hence the type certificate. It appears on the kinds of operation equipment list in the POH.

Bottom line, you need to plan for a repack. The plane is not airworthy without it or when CAPS exceeds the life limits.


Could you make a Cirrus “experimental”?

Only for research and development or market survey purposes. You would need to have a valid reason to do so…