Oxygen revisited

There has been discussion in the past on portable oxygen systems, where they are required to be mounted(front side of passenger seat), brand of portable system(mountain high) and even Cirrus working on built in system. I am considering adding O2 to my SR22. Any info to guide my decision would be helpful. Don Kusenberger

Quoting from the SR22 POH:

Oxygen System
Whenever the operating rules require the use of supplemental
oxygen, the pilot must:
• Use an oxygen system approved by Cirrus Design and listed in the Oxygen System AFM Supplement Part Number 13772-109.
• Secure the oxygen bottle in the right front seat as described in the AFM Supplement noted above.

The supplement goes on to say Mountain High is the only approved brand. Read the entire supplement for other restrictions about flowmeters, cannula, signs, and passenger briefings.

New info.(at least for me). Not to be content to rely just on “old” info.- Precise flight(Nelson oxygen systems) is working with Cirris on an STC to mount a portable oxygen system between the two back passenger seats. The system will basically be the 0s722-4a3 without the case. No word on the time frame. This will allow O2 and four passengers. Now if only someone would come through with retrofit deice.
Don Kusenberger

Per my post on the Members forum, Aerox is looking to have access to someone’s SR22 for a couple weeks so they can develop an STC for a built-in O2 kit. The donor will get built-in O2 with a 337 for a substantially reduced price.