I enjoyed my first Oshkosh - the VIP air conditioned tent at the Cirrus stand was excellent to rest every few hours. I did feel a little guilty using it - I seemed to be the only one in there everytime I visited. Got to talk to all sorts of Cirrus people though. Where was everyone else ?

Some comments I picked up

  • SR22 will have single power lever control (no mixture) I assume some type of FADEC. Will be available in a year on SR20 did not know if this would cost more.

  • Cirrus are working closely with Arnav, don’t be concerned if others are showing all sorts of glass cockpits, they are still some way off. Cirrus is

part of the NASA GAP project so is current with all the developments. Arnav are careful only to announce when features are really available as they have been burnt in the past.

  • More capital would speed up production - no surprise really.

Saw a VK-30 in the airplane park.