Duluth pickup question

The time has come to plan my trip to Duluth. Up until recently I was expecting to take my CFII with me and back. However I wonder if that is really necessary compared to returning with a Cirrus instructor for more instruction on the way back. My trip is from Duluth to S Florida.

So my question or survey is: what’s the best choice - take a CFII or return trip with a Cirrus instructor?

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I just finished my training this past weekend. I suggest a Cirrus instructor for your return trip. Thet will be more up on the plane itself. My instructor was Torbin and I would highly recommend you ask fir him.


If your instructor becomes qualified then you will have a “qualified” instructor when you get home. Otherwise…

If your CFII has not been through the Cirrus training program and you expect him/her to be around fore some time, there is a benefit to bringing him. Having a CFII who has been through the training would be a big plus. Also, the Cirrus instructor rates are probably a lot higher than your CFII’s.

Thanks. How many days training did you get? According to the guideline I’m looking at 3? I have 300 hrs and IR.


I did two days. About 10 flight hours, 6 hours ground. This was plenty. The plane is easy to fly.


Thanks guys. Well that was my original rationale behind bringing the CFII - however the aspect of flying another 8-9 hours home with a Cirrus instructor vs the CFII does have it’s advantages in more training time. The CFII wouldn’t have that to offer. Since I already have my instrument rating is there a point to have him checked out? BFR’s? I’m weighing out the 8-9 extra hours vs ???


How many hours do you have? In hi performance? I have 600 hrs with IR and according to the Cirrus recommendation, I will need 4 days.
My insurance requires min of 10 Hrs w/instructor.

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PS Hope nobody caught my earlier reply where I tried to do some advanced math w/o my syintiffik calculator.


I had my Cirrus instructor sign me off for an IPC and BFR. Also I logged all the ground school (6 hours) in the log book. Iwould have the Cirrus instructor fly back with you, I think you will get much more out of that flight.

As for training your CFI. How trained is he going to be with such low time in your plane. Heck he /she would not even be checked out in the craft. I plan on attending a CPPP course for extra training and my fly up to Duluth for my first annual inspection and some follow up training. I want some one who really knows the plane teaching me.

Just makes good sense to me.


I am IFR rated and have 300 hours, 220 of which are in high performance (Cessna 182). Insurance did not require any set number of hours.
Ten hours of hobbs time is a lot of flying. I did over 30 touch and goes. Several stalls power on and off. IPC check out and about 15 approaches. I had a Garmin 430 in my 182 so I had a little advantage on that one. Just need to practice practice practice now.


Your mathematical prowess was duly noted and we let it slide.

I can see that with the hours in the 182, your transition to the Cirrus was easier. In an earlier post you mentioned that you logged the ground school time. Why? I thought you only log flight time or simulator time. I’m not sure, so help me out.

Walt N224AZ

Mason what you say makes a lot of sense.
Ditto on why the log book entry of ground school?
I have a hair under 300 hours, no high performance. I have 3 hours in an SR20 at a S Florida school. I wonder if I can get by with 2 days and the 8-9 hour flight home??? I’m always for plenty of training.

I log all of my time flight training in the air and regular flying. In my log book I also have a section for logging ground school time. When I apply for insurance I note all of this logged time on the application. I am not sure if it helps, but I know it does not hurt.

So my question would be, Why not log ground time?


My log book has a column for ground instruction that I use to log FAA safety seminars that I attend. I figure if I ever have a run in with the FAA I can show them the logs and convince them that I really am a safety minded,conscientious pilot who perhaps had a senior moment that drew their attention, but who should really be let off with a lecture rather than a certificate action


Thanks guys for opening up my aging eyes! I checked my log book and it also has a place for ground instruction time. It even had some entries.
Gotta wake up and smell the coffee!


Walt N224AZ