Flight to TEB

I’m flying into the NY area (KTEB) next week. Are there any special instructions I can expect from ATC as I enter the Red Zone?

I fly into TEB fairly frequently. I don’t think there’s anything special except:

  1. expect several reroutes as you near the NY area.
  2. Look at the STARS to get an idea of routes you can expect. This includes STARS for TEB, EWR, LGA, and JFK. Depending on runway configurations at the major airports you can be routed in over a wide variety of fixes.
  3. Don’t be surprised if you get an airways clearance (as opposed to direct)
  4. Expect a descent far out. You will be talking to Allentown Approach before you get to the NY area.
  5. Look at the approaches very carefully. Many have MANDATORY crossing altitudes for some of the intermediate fixes unlike the usual approach where the altitude listed is only a minimum. This is to ensure separation from inbounds to EWR.
  6. NY controllers tend to talk fast. Be alert
  7. A number of NY controllers have NY accents. Since that’s my native tongue it’s not been a problem for me but you have to listen carefully.
    Finally, NY flying is fast paced but fun. If you miss something just ask. ATC is very competent and helpful.
    I should note that none of the FBOs at TEB are particularly good for GA singles. I usually use Atlantic.
    When you depart expect a routing over COATE or LANNA if you’re heading westbound. Again, don’t be surprised if you get an airways routine to get to those fixes.

Thanks to you both for the advise. I’m looking forward to the flight.

Lots of good advice in the previous post, but I would add, since I learned to fly, and fly regularly, in the area, keep a good lookout for traffic and your head on a swivel. If you don’t fly to the area IFR, I’d suggest getting advisories. And stay alert. Otherwise, have fun. Flying in the NYC area is some of the most fun and visually stunning flying I’ve ever done. And the New York accent I usually hear is nothing compared to the slow drawl I got flying into Fort Worth not too long ago. It was charming though.